Springtime – 7 steps to renew and refresh!

Springtime – 7 steps to renew and refresh! 

Depending on where you live, some of us have had a harsher winter than others.  The winter weather is just one of the factors that may have brought you down, among them are the political climate, daily traffic, stretched finances, and just maybe your current job.

There is hope!  Spring officially starts on today – March 20th!  Here in Colorado we know that March and April often bring warmer temperatures but also some of our heaviest snowfall amounts.  Always reminding us that there is a balance between Winter and Spring.

Spring is a great time to renew and refresh your life on many fronts.  According to Websters Dictionary, Renewal means: the state of being made new, fresh, or strong again.

Here are 7 ways you can use Spring to make your life new, fresh or strong again!

1- Un-clutter your home:  A simple rule of thumb is:  If you haven’t used it or worn it in 2 years, get it out of your house!  Donate it, sell it, but get it out.  Don’t get yourself overwhelmed by taking on cleaning an entire room.  Start with one drawer or one shelf.  Consistently done, you will start to feel lighter and enjoy your space!

2- Un-clutter your mind: Renewal is about letting go of the old way of thinking.  Remember to get rid of those things that are emotional and energy drains. Challenge some of those limiting beliefs that may be causing you to put off making decisions and are holding your back.

3- Think Positively:  What you think about, you bring about!  If you are stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts, you need to interrupt the pattern.  Changing your thinking has been clinically shown to change the circuitry of your brain.  Shawn Achor and Gretchen Rubin are great resources on the Study of Happiness.

4- Take a Trip: As many schools start their Spring Break season, this is a perfect time to plan a trip.  If you can manage it, try to plan an annual Spring retreat where you can have some quite time to reflect on your life, the past year and what you want to accomplish over the Summer and into the Fall.  Plan to re-connect with family or long time friends in a climate different than the one you lived in over the winter!

5- Create a fun summer bucket list:  Build a list of all of the events, vacations, books, movies, picnics, etc that you want to do over the summer.  Ask your family and friends for ideas as well.  Next step, get them on your calendar now – before another summer comes and goes!

6- Begin something brand new:  Use Spring to focus on new beginnings.  Maybe it’s time to take better care of yourself? Join a gym or a walking club, find an outdoor activity.  Maybe you want to start something creative, such as a dance or art class?  Whatever has been on your wish list, use Spring to motivate yourself to get going!

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7- Simplify Your Life:  Take some time to refresh and renew your calendar.  Re-evaluate your commitments to align with your priorities.  What is the best way to use your time to create the life you want to have?

Hopefully these tips will inspire you to focus on Renewal: being made new, fresh, or strong again.

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