Referral Programs

We have developed the following Referral Program to help talented candidates advance their career opportunities and to reward you for assisting us.

For new business referrals:

  • New business referrals are facility HR executives and hiring managers who you know personally and who are currently hiring.
  • If your new business referral becomes a SOS Healthcare Staffing client and hires at least one candidate through us, you will be awarded $250 (limit one referral bonus per lead).

For job candidate referrals:

  • Job candidate referrals are job candidates who you know personally and who you recommend for a specific job opening on our Job Board.
  • If your job candidate referral is placed in a position by SOS Healthcare Staffing and works 180 hours you will be awarded the bonus for that referral based on their specialty. Please contact your SOS Healthcare Staffing representative to confirm the amount of the bonus.
  • When starting to work with SOS Healthcare Staffing, the candidate must indicate that they were referred by you in order to qualify.

To qualify:

  • You must have a personal or business relationship with the referred job candidate or business contact. Please complete and submit the form below. Thank you!

  • Your contact information
  • Referral's contact information
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.