5 Tips for Summer Fun and Travel

What are you doing this summer?

School’s out and the first official day of summer is Wednesday June 21!

Summer is most people’s favorite time of the year, the weather is warm and it’s time to relax and recharge spend time with friends, family and maybe visit a new place.

Here are some favorite activities that will take you outside, warm you up and get you into the summertime spirit. What will you do to celebrate the changing of seasons and longest day of the year?

5 Ideas to Help You Kick Off Summer 2017!

  1. Write a Summertime Bucket List
    Write down activities you would like to do over the summer, include outdoor concerts, vacations, bbq’s with friends, maybe taking a nap in a hammock!  Keep the list on your fridge and mark off items as you do them!
  2. Spoon Up Some Ice Cream
    One of the quintessential summer symbols is ice cream. Make the first day of summer even better by stopping by your favorite ice cream stand or setting up a make-your-own sundae bar for dinner.  Get out of your neighborhood and explore a new ice cream/yogurt shop then walk around a local park.
  3. Not too late for Spring Cleaning
    There are still a few weeks of Spring.  Let the official change of seasons be your cue to freshen up the look of your bedroom to get it ready for summer. For example:

    • Clear out any old papers, books or clutter that accumulated over the school year and you don’t need any more.
    • Move your furniture around — even if it’s not really necessary, it’s fun to change things up.
    • Purchase airy curtains to let the sunlight in.
    • Put out memorabilia from previous summer fun (like shells from a trip to a beach).
  4. Get Wet – First Day of Summer Party
    Make a summer splash!  Turn your yard into a water park with a water balloon toss, small pools, squirt gun, run through the sprinkler and maybe even create a slip n slide!
  5. Enjoy a Summer-themed Feast
    What’s your favorite summertime treat? Maybe it’s homemade ice cream, BBQ ribs, burgers, s’mores or fresh fruits and veggies from your garden. Combine them in a meal that’s a toast to the season and reminds you of all the good times past and those to come over the next couple of months.

Summer is great, but it goes by quickly.  Make sure you take time to enjoy it!

5 Travel Tips to Make Your Summer Travel a Breeze!

1) Measure your carry on and confirm size with your airline.  You don’t want to get to the gate to find out you have to check a bag and pay extra fees.  You may not have access to what you need for the flight.

2) Fly one airline consistently.  Enroll in their frequent flier program, learn how to work their system.  Be nice to the gate agents and flight attendants.

3) Timing:  Flights are late or get cancelled for many reasons. Don’t give yourself too little of an arrival or departure window.  Allow for hiccups in timing.

4) What to wear/ pack?

  • Fly in your bulkiest shoes – but comfy   
  • Bring a jacket – even in the summer
  • Bring a scarf to double as a blanket
  • Travel pillow, earphones, iPod, Kindle, flying Rx
  • Always keep meds and chargers accessible
  • Regardless of the season – always wear layers

5) Remember to keep a positive attitude.  You may be surrounded by people who are losing their cool.  Sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude – make it a good one!

If you want to travel this summer, contact us about our travel nursing programs.  If you have a position for a travel nurse at your facility, schedule a call with SOS Healthcare Staffing today at 720-535-1236!

Happy Summer!

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