2017 Resolutions

2017Welcome to a New Year! 

After starting the year with a clean slate, many of us took stock of the passing year, what went well, and what we would like to change in the New Year.  This fresh 12 months fills us with hope for a better future.  However, we all know how long hope and willpower can last.  You must have a plan of action and some help to make a significant change in your life.

As the first month of 2017 has already flown by, it may be time to look at your resolutions.

According to an article on Business Insider, one-fifth (22%) of employees surveyed said their top resolution for 2017 was to find a new job.

Top Resolutions:

  • Find a New Job
  • Save More Money
  • Be Less Stressed
  • Get a Raise or Promotion
  • Eat Healthier at Work
  • Learn Something New

SOS Healthcare can help you manage these resolutions!

Find a new job – Our caring staff works diligently to find the right employment situation for you: full time, part time, fill in shifts, traveling, etc.  We can help find your new job.

Save more money – maybe you have the ability to add a part time job for short time to boost your income and savings.  Don’t forget our referral program for some extra cash – you refer a friend/ colleague, we place them in a position, you get cash!  Easy Peasy!

Be Less Stressed – we take care of all of the searching and stress of finding a new position.  Once you complete the interview process, you can leave the rest to us.

Get a raise or promotion – We work with multiple facilities across the United States. If you have been in your position for a while, you have gained valuable skills, which a new employer may be willing to hire at a higher level.

Eat Healthier at Work – we are happy to give you some suggestions or our favorite lunchtime snacks!

Learn Something New – what better way to learn something new than to put yourself in a new environment?  You will be around new people, new processes and procedures and may have the opportunity to learn new skills.

If you find any of these items on your list, please schedule a call with SOS Healthcare Staffing today!

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